RCCM producers go for higher prices in Germany

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Prices for recycled corrugated case material (RCCM) continue to rise in Germany and it is still unclear how much higher they will go.

Against the background of rising energy costs, paper mills are set to hike again their prices for recycled corrugated case material in Germany. In some cases, manufacturers have announced regular price hikes with effect from November or December. In other cases, paper producers said they were implementing temporary surcharges in response to exploding energy costs. Under these circumstances, there is widespread irritation and uncertainty amongst buyers. Several players from the corrugated industry believe the paper mills' latest price moves are not driven purely by necessity. Not all paper mills were equally affected by the increase in energy costs, but almost all of them were jumping on the bandwagon, representatives of the corrugated industry complained. Converters have been confronted with price increases for corrugated case material almost monthly in 2021 and have only been able to pass these on with a delay, according to EUWID sources in Germany. EUWID Pulp and Paper keeps busy professionals up-to-date on the latest news from international pulp and paper markets. To gain full access to company news and in-depth market and price reports on major paper and board grades, raw materials and consumables consider subscribing to EUWID Pulp and Paper or start a three-week free trial.

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