For over 20 years, WPT has helped shoulder the responsibility for the reuse of waste paper and used plastics as valuable raw materials through successful recycling. Our international network enables us to offer solutions to sellers and buyers of secondary raw materials on international recycling markets. WPT is a partner for manufacturing, trade and municipalities in both procurement and sales.

Sustainability and optimum reuse of raw materials are more important than ever before. By contributing to this recycling effort, WPT helps ensure sustainability for the benefit of our environment and future generations. That is what our name will always stand for - in the past, the present and the future!

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Newspapers, paper, cardboard, letters and much more. WPT's services are not limited to buying and selling waste paper on the EN 643 list of grades.

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WPT trades in plastics, films, grounds and granulate in PET, PE-HD, PVC, PE-LD, PP and PS grades.

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These include glass, wood and metal; secure disposal channels exist for these as well. The possibilities for buying and selling secondary raw materials are endless.

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Cycle Link International new Waste Paper Trade (WPT) shareholder

02-07-2018 - Waste Paper Trade (WPT) is pleased to announce that in Cycle Link International a new shareholder has been found. With subsidiaries in the USA, the UK, the Netherlands, Japan, Australia and China, Cyc…

Cycle Link International neuer Gesellschafter von Waste Paper Trade (WPT)

02-07-2018 - Mit Cycle Link International hat Waste Paper Trade (WPT) einen neuen, starken internationalen Partner als Gesellschafter. Cycle Link mit Niederlassungen in den USA, Großbritannien, den Niederlan…

Cycle Link International nieuwe aandeelhouder van Waste Paper Trade (WPT)

02-07-2018 - Waste Paper Trade (WPT) krijgt met Cycle Link International een nieuwe sterke internationale partner als aandeelhouder. Cycle Link is gevestigd in de VS, het VK, Nederland, Japan, Australië en Ch…

BIR: China wants to abolish

26-06-2018 - Reports from the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, published on 24 June 2018 by the news agency Xinhua, highlight China's plans to reduce its imports of solid waste to zero by the end…