Prices for ordinary recovered paper grades go up again in Italy

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High price levels on the recovered paper market in Italy persist. After initial mark-downs in May, prices for the ordinary grades rose again in June.

The Italian recovered paper market is experiencing ups and downs. Mass grades had become more expensive than ever in April and prices had then started to fall, but in June price hikes were introduced again. Mixed paper was particularly hard to source. Indeed, there is just a small price gap of up to €15 between mixed paper and old corrugated containers at the moment. The two grades were highly sought-after in June. Corrugated case material manufacturers' machines were running at full steam and needed constant replenishment, sources said. Additionally, they noted that collection volumes were lower than expected in the second half of May and early June. Supply had been decent, but collections had not fully recovered yet, most insiders said. However, collections are said to have gradually increased a bit from the second half of June onwards. This article is an excerpt from EUWID's report on the recovered paper market in Italy. Find the EUWID Price Watch Italy for June in EUWID Pulp and Paper issue no 26/2021, which will be available to our e-paper and print subscribers as of 30 June.
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